GMIC at a Glance

The Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) was established in 2008 under the Office of the President of Afghanistan. GMIC was established with the aim of facilitating journalists’ access to information, maintaining relations between the government and the media, building the capacity of Afghan government spokespersons, and promoting the government’s policies and programs.

Since its establishment, GMIC has played a vital role in strengthening the flow of information, easy access of the media to reliable information, strengthening the relationship between the media and the government, and the continuous awareness of the people about the current activities of the government.

Initially, GMIC operated with the technical and financial support of donor agencies, and in 2011 its organizational structure was merged with the government. In the same year, GMIC moved to its permanent location, Marble Palace.

According to the instructions of the previous government, President’s Office of the Chief of Staff was merged with Administration Office of the President (AOP), and in 2019, Office of the Public and Strategic Affairs of the President (OPSAP) was established and GMIC was merged with OPSAP.

On August 15, 2021, when IEA swept into power, according to the instruction of the Prime Minister Office, Office of the Chief of Staff (OCS) was separated from the AOP, and OPSAP became a deputy directorate of the OCS. With the establishment of the new regime, the GMIC once again remained an attractive point, and considering its status and role, it was decided to merge the GMIC from the AOP to the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister.

Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) currently operates under the supervision of the Office of the Chief of the Prime Minister’s Office and tries to strengthen the flow of information, connect the government and the media, disseminate reliable information the raise awareness and understanding of the public about the policies, programs and activities of the government.