Restoration of Great Mosque of Herat Begins

After seven decades, Herat’s information and culture department said that it has begun the restoration of the province’s Great Mosque, also known as the “Jami Masjid of Herat.”

The restoration of all of the mosque’s ancient tiles is expected.

Reportedly, natural disasters in recent years have damaged the majority of the tiles of Herat’s Great Mosque.

“Seventy years ago, it wasn’t really that everything was repaired, only the places that collapsed were restored, but right now, all of them are under the restoration process,” said Zalmai Safa, the head of Herat’s department of information and culture’s historical monument preservation group.

The tiles of the Great Mosque of Herat are being fixed by specialists in monument restoration. Every effort is being made to preserve the integrity and beauty of the historical monument, say those involved.

“The tiles are in their own place, some of the backs need to be tightened; we will fill them with the special materials that are essential,” said Aziz Ahmad, an engineer.

“The tiles that you are presently looking at are from the age of Abdul Ali Malkyar, and a century has since passed, and these tiles were used in the Herat Great Mosque for reasons of beauty and durability,” said Sediq Mir, a cultural expert.

The Great Mosque of Herat has a nearly 800-year history. It is one of the biggest mosques in the Islamic world.